Thursday, May 27, 2021

Death and health and cleansing horror

It's 5am.  I just killed a mosquito with insecticide, then a cockroach.  Well, the cockroach is still dying, rustling about for the past few minutes.  It was in that plastic bag struggling already and then the chemical spray made it more frantic.  
The thoughts I have are of Syria, yes the war and everything, but before the actual chemical weapons, all the activity that brought the sadism out to play - abduction, torture, sometimes disposal.  
One minute - I am really going to kill that cockroach now because I assume that would be better than ... this.  Oops, but it hides, goes still and quiet so I can't find and spray it, so I tie the bag and remove the whole package from here.  
Do these chemicals cause cancer?  I wash my hands with soap, feeling like a murderer.  If you kill as part of a regime, in doing your job, are you a murderer?  A real surgeon would wash her/his hands too, but with the big difference that they did their work to impact kindly on their patient.  

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