Friday, July 24, 2020

Dark humour

I've watched this so many times, and shared it a few times...
It's about how different personality types (the 4-letter /16 personalities /Myers-Briggs) handle the pandemic-apocalypse.  
Tell me.  
Is it funny?  True?  A little weird?  

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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Not saying I'm going to post daily - I'm NOT - but here's another quick one

I claim to hate cellphones but my phone finally gave up the ghost this morning and by early afternoon I had gone off to try to get it repaired.  In between I had an online event/meeting/session about education in Lagos.  If my sister hadn't gone and got separate internet at home I would have been unable to join in the call since my smartphone was dead.  So I joined the call on my laptop then went for a walk and my repair guy said what was wrong and that he couldn't fix it but told me what to do and so on.  I normally would not do a post like this one that says (almost says, I'll skip that part) where I will be tomorrow because I'm not comfortable with the security risks.  That said, haha.  
Meanwhile I saw another sister that was on a videocall with my sister-at-home and that was nice, and she told me that she felt connected (I think was the word she used) to me because she had read my last post.  Yes, I have sisterzzz, plural. 

People who write minutiae, how do they do it?  Yes, I know how they do it, I did it in a novella and so on, with close-ups on people's lives, but I don't do it in my life - sweet God, just sit here and tell you rubbish about: what I ate and who has corona and how I liked the meeting and who gave me some money to try and repair the phone and details about how I asked the phone guy what his specialty was, and he said iPhones and Samsung phones to which I replied that I had honestly forgotten that I didn't possess a high-end phone, it's true.  Oh my, oh me.  Carrying my cheap ass phone around trying to get it repaired, and also my cheap ass second laptop which has a motherboard issue.  
What I do know about my phone is that there are even way cheaper smartphones than mine, swear to God, like they have some things like internet browsers and downloads and music players but they're ... ok I don't actually know sha.  But I know that the security guys, people working low income (aboki is not the perfect word to use here, political correctness, even though it's not a mean word) they all have phones, some of them large-ish phones, but they don't have the range of normal apps available to them.  I should check and learn more about that.  
Now to talk about my second laptop, I'm sad to see it go, but it always did have heat-management problems and considering that I bought it for very little way back when, and got to use it quite a bit esp when I had jobs in recent years that needed you to bring a laptop to work, so of course I lazily kept my little cheap laptop on-site and didn't have to carry heavy load about.  Like, the work is not even that serious.  The most serious part of some of those jobs was the acting serious.  LOL.  Or maybe I missed the point of the job(s).  Also used it when this laptop I'm using right now was down, for example earlier this year.  Also in the past I sometimes used it when I felt like taking a laptop to my food place to chill, sometimes I took both and now I can't remember why; (UPDATED one day later: I remember now - to charge all my devices when there was a prolonged power outage) and also sometimes when I had the back-in-the-day teaching job (which I somehow consider more serious) and did not want the weight of my main laptop and felt sure that I only needed to show something minor that baby-laptop could handle.   And sometimes when I needed two laptops, especially I think before I had all the smart-phone stuff going; say main laptop had crashed and I needed to study online how to restore it to life.  

O, Baby-laptop, I will try to save your ass.  You have value to me. 
I paid less than 20k (when the exchange rate was about 160 naira) 
And it occurred to me as I walked back home today that I was anxious about the future because I had one laptop and no second laptop, and what would happen if...if, I mean, main laptop is ten years old now, and, I don't know?  And I tried to tell myself something from the Bible, that I should "be anxious for nothing."  The likely thing I will do with Baby-Laptop is dispose of it - the repair guys buy it, I understand, for close to zero, while I ask them to remove the hard drive first, or somehow remove the browsers and whatever few personal files I may have saved on it - or risk having the next user just open it and have access to my email and all that.  You would think I actually had stuff to protect, the way I care about security lapses.  Hahaha.    

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It's time for me to exceed my former standards in honesty.  It's time to try blogging that strains toward a deeper honesty, or to try rawer posts for a while.  

Raw things on my mind: 
One of my blogs won't post to facebook anymore.  It is very annoying.  At first it was maybe all of my blogs, then I complained and then it was just one.  That one - NewsBuka - has been banned for several months now and I must have complained a dozen times.  

I'll return with more, uh, info.  It will be boring stuff like how I once again did the Values Exercise, and how today I got the name for my next poetry collection, and how...that's all for now.

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