Monday, February 28, 2022

Amazing discovery

Oooooh I love me time.  
I lurve me some me time.  
Call me introvert, call me selfish...?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Saturday, February 19, 2022

You need this photo

This essay explains the photo challenge/trend/meme.

Another photo you "need" in gossip-speak, is this one, 
which I once posted here actually but which disappeared from instagram.  

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It's 9am Saturday.  I feel a knot in my back behind the left shoulder blade.  Parts of my right arm and hand feel a little weak.  Noticed earlier a cramp in my calf, one leg, then the other, before I got up today.  Took a bath early and with warm water, thanks to my mother who took the trouble to have hot water installed here for me that other time.  Made some Milo - the food drink of future champions! - in my bigger-than-yours mug and decided I need a laugh or two this morning so of course I went online.  My topics to read would be Ben Affleck one and Nick Cannon two, and my first location to check would be lipstickalley because they dish something people online call TEA.  
Oh well, let's go and look.  
I'm already laughing before I start because I'm like the guy's name is Nick Cannon tho'.   I mean, ok, Nik (translation) and you compound that with Cannon, I mean, he may have a few more cannonballs to hand out to the people.  For example, Mariah Carey'd.  Twins from this one, her emancipation circa 2000 from the evil studio bosses, and more recently that other Aussie guy's apology payout.  In tea-ple (online gossip) language, Bye, Felicia!  

Ben Affleck like that aflac insurance company mascot the green gecko, oh it's a duck, a white duck.  Duck or gecko, in real life there is fleck and freckle going on, just so you know.  I just want to see if the people - perceptive black people - out there see what I see that this man has been advertising all this time because it's loud and clear, and obviously there will be more Jennifer Lopez drama when will it start are we there yet are we there yet?  

It's raining outside - I am so blessed.  Let me go and read a little gossip abeg.   
Quote: "Any woman that I know that I have unprotected sex with, there's the potential to have a child."  Give this man his (Physiology or Medicine? Literature?) Nobel Prize.

Almost two hours later: one thing led to another and now I'm watching JoeyBToonz.
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Thursday, February 03, 2022

You got that right! (On my personality/learning-style)

I did this short exercise (LearningStyleInventory @  and got much the same results as fifteen to twenty years ago with the fuller test.   
CE 22, RO 36, AC 28, AE 14, each on a scale of 10 to 40 (or 25 ± 15) 
This means I end up in the assimilator (theorist) quadrant but near the diverger (reflector) quadrant.   (*)  

Then I did this quiz and it gave me the following scores for its seven learning style categories: 
Visual 09   Social 07   Physical 07  
Aural 14      Verbal 16    
Solitary 15  and  Logical 17 
I think in this test the visual category is spatial as well as pictorial.  
I think in my case the aural focus is broader, say, oral-nasal-olfactory as well as aural-sound.   
I think the ranking here is very good for such a simple test, ok maybe I would give myself one or two more visual aptitude points and subtract one or two aural but otherwise, thumbs up.  

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