Monday, December 11, 2006

Let the music play on


There are so many songs I'm dying to post here.
I'll keep up with blogging and with posting the songs...server problem for hosting the songs needs to be worked out...still owe you the rest of the Arab Film Festival gist, I back in a few days.
Peace and love.

Friday, December 01, 2006



My calls with Skype have been of really poor quality recently. Maybe it's the new wireless connection that has problems. Or maybe Skype is overloaded and underperforming. I just read about iCall, so I'm downloading that right now to use for my calls from home.

My cell phone plan is stupid. It costs a lot, yet I can't use it freely because of the very very limited minutes included and the stiff penalty for going over. I want to dump the company (T-Mobile) but they gleefully informed me that I'm under contract for a year. The phone itself is ancient. I can get another one at a heavily discounted price if I sign up for two more years of this misery. "TWO YEARS!" I exclaim, "I don't even know what COUNTRY I'll be in in two years." (I hope it's Yemen.) I'll find a way to dump my phone Company soon, you'll see.


12 hours later: I just tested iCall and found similar problems, so the problem is with my low-bandwith wireless and Skype is still fabulous.