Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting read...yeah!

Itching again: find my Boniface poem in the latest issue of itch.
Klorofyl again: look out for more poetry in the next issue of Klorofyl.

Previously featured in both itch and Klorofyl, and can't wait for more...

In addition, Assassin, a thrilling short story, was published in Jungle Jim issue 7.  All issues of Jungle Jim are now available on amazon HERE.

What I'm writing next, there's a preview of that in this quick anthology at Black Letter Media.  This story makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me feel like a proud mama/papa.
 The circle of life, birth...death..., is such that Story Time, at five years old is to be retired.  But the sponsors will continue to publish African Roar, their annual collection of new stories by Africans.  I've never published with the group, but great work in five years.  Respect. 

If you don't care for any of my writing, but want to try other good current African writing, where better to start than the shortlisted stories for the 2012 Caine Prize for African writing.  I have my favourites, but lips sealed until you tell me yours ;)  Well, a hint, my fave story makes me sing this.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Grade Inflation

Can half of a class of 50 end up with a grade of A in a course in university?  Under what conditions?  What is your opinion?

What have I been up to this past month?
Well, I didn't have decent internet so no new blog posts.
Read some good stuff,
watched a lot of DVDs (including three seasons of Basketball Wives, one season of Amores Perros - yucky genius),
fell in love with Math (Analysis) again,
read a lot of Nigerian blogs and was a tad mean in the comments (not anonymously),
gained some weight and got some pimples (but been drinking water recently to clear out whatever - water works!),
did not finish up the novella I've been writing - one week I'll just do it,
sister got engaged,
many friends (not close friends but still-) died,
brother graduated, ...

As usual, my parents are really interested in my life and 'milestones' - give us a baby, bring a guy home, get a real job - ah yes I interviewed for a 'very real' job and was relieved when the people finally said no for whatever reason.  I don't know what I'm doing but it's probably right. 

My next goal in life is to get very good internet (but where?  how?) and download music: Classical Guitar by Milos Karadaglic, and all the Rufus Wainwright stuff I've missed in the past three years, then maybe try some new music (Carla Bruni?)  NaijaPop has some great songs but I need to bathe in new sounds. 

So what do you think about grading systems?  What fraction of a class should get an A?  Who should decide?