Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting read...yeah!

Itching again: find my Boniface poem in the latest issue of itch.
Klorofyl again: look out for more poetry in the next issue of Klorofyl.

Previously featured in both itch and Klorofyl, and can't wait for more...

In addition, Assassin, a thrilling short story, was published in Jungle Jim issue 7.  All issues of Jungle Jim are now available on amazon HERE.

What I'm writing next, there's a preview of that in this quick anthology at Black Letter Media.  This story makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me feel like a proud mama/papa.
 The circle of life, birth...death..., is such that Story Time, at five years old is to be retired.  But the sponsors will continue to publish African Roar, their annual collection of new stories by Africans.  I've never published with the group, but great work in five years.  Respect. 

If you don't care for any of my writing, but want to try other good current African writing, where better to start than the shortlisted stories for the 2012 Caine Prize for African writing.  I have my favourites, but lips sealed until you tell me yours ;)  Well, a hint, my fave story makes me sing this.


t said...

Bombay Republic won. It was my second favourite of the five finalists. A very very good piece of story ;)
And by a Nigerian (cue National Anthem: Arise, O Compatriots...)

I liked four of the five finalists very much. My least favourite was not my taste at all; I didn't even read it, much as I tried to.

I also thought they were such male stories, even if I enjoyed them.

The only female and domestic story of the five was my favourite. (You were wondering) . Nice nice nice. Ahhh Azaralhai (song)

t said...


Melissa Tandiwe Myambo (Zimbabwe) - La Salle de depart (cooool)

Rotimi Babatunde (Nigeria) - Bombay's Republic (also cooool)

Billy Kahora (Kenya) - Urban Zoning (coool)

Stanley Kenani (Malawi) - Love on Trial (also coool)

Constance Myburgh (South Africa) - Hunter Emmanuel (col - not quite cool)

Erik Donald France said...

Excellent -- cool -- I continue to order what I can for the library. Love it!

t said...

Glad Erik, that you care AND share. Always.

t said...

This year, four out of the five finalists shortlisted for the Caine Prize are Nigerian authors. Ha.
You can read their stories here on the Caine Prize website.
You can read a review of their stories by Kola Tubosun on NigeriansTalk Litmag.
And we await the announcement of the winner.