Thursday, January 30, 2020

CNN ...

Vanessa Bryant posts on Instagram for the first time since Kobe's death (HERE)

Priest: Kobe Bryant sought redemption through his Catholic faith (HERE)

Also recently passed, our dearest Shirley.

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Thursday, January 02, 2020

Do you have a New Year resolution?

They're usually not my thing.  I usually resolve to be much the same as ever.
That said, I could work on creating the habit of exercising and the habit of (I'm not sure) not not having a job-type income-thingy. 

I don't get enough exercise, since all I do is sit and read things.  Taking a sports/exercise class would bring some fun physical and social activity into my life.  I actually took a reasonably-inexpensive weekly yoga class late last year, a five-minute walk away, and it was good, so now I'm going to see if I can find (or request) another class, with a different form of exercise that I prefer, like dance or swimming or, like, aquagym.

Edu or Strategy or what?
If I had a job, coupled with needing to take a little public-transport (as opposed to door-to-door chauffeuring) and walking, I would not be complaining about needing to exercise.  Which brings me to - oh yeah, as always, it seems I once again acknowledge a need to get a job.  Except that I don't...  Many jobs actually don't need doing lol.  And many times I start on a job and find I have too quickly eliminated the need for the job, or for my income.
Which is actually a problem.
I mean, I could teach again?  (Yes, I plan to do that when I grow up, like, my 50s, 60s, ...)  I could work in education for more money somehow?
Well, I've been saying how I want to be on boards.  But there again, the problem.  Example, you see a way you could intervene to make things better, but notice that it should properly be the workforce taking ownership of the functions and not the egghead-board-of-outsiders, and you (hypothetically) find that the intervention to get the workforce up to speed is in the works, or not in the works and never going to be, or ... I mean, at some point, life is one huge shrug - whatever.    ( Alright, I'll express that in a more positive/hopeful way: work-life is one learning experience after the other?   See?  Positive - I earn, you gain, I learn.  )

Less ginger 
In other news, I just isolated the source of my biggest health problem - how I get dizziness and symptoms of low blood pressure all the time?  It's the excess of ginger in my food.  My mother has fallen in love with ginger and been adding chopped fresh ginger into everything everywhere all the time - hopefully we can stop.  She also used to love garlic and put it everywhere. Both of these things are potent blood thinners, like aspirin.     Lord have mercy.
FYI ginger is very good for you, just not good for me.
Actually, one time in the past 2 years or so, my mother had a doctor-recommended daily aspirin that I thought might be useless or harmful.  That's not what I said to her directly, I only suggested that she maybe observe the effect just in case she found it unnecessary.  It must be that these things don't harm her and actually offer her benefits.  I on the other hand keep feeling I need to thicken my blood so to speak, to add a little fat to my diet for instance - my brain gets hungry.  Now I need to tell her about the ginger and to try to feed myself better going forward.
I got vitamins the other day, bought a bottle of multivitamins - oh, yeah, maybe I should take a swig of that now.
I'm really happy to have figured out the ginger thing, I was starting to get worried that I'd damage my brain or something.  Now I have the hope of exploring foods that make me feel more robust and alright.

This whole blog post is cheesy.  It's time to dance.

(One hour later) My mother is back from work, and we've spent the past hour talking about food - ginger, garlic, and their amazing medicinal properties and side-effects.  She says that just for me, of course she's going to stop cooking with both.  I'm lucky, eh.

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