Sunday, September 24, 2023

September 24, 2021 2023

Verdant Plain, mountain 
 (also named Flooy Lily Wura
  created in

Background: It would take too long to explain, so like a good writer I'll just not?  Just kidding.  

I had this brand new idea to (some day, use markers/crayons or paint to try to and learn to or lead people to) create illustrations that compose and represent astrological information using this scheme - The Signs As Forces Of Nature.  I've been drawing/painting/conjuring several in my mind since yesterday.

This very special picture is my first that I can physically-pictorially post/share, and I didn't have to wait to create her because I asked a computer to do it, in a flash.  It represents a person who is Libra primarily, with abundant earth and water features as well, so I thought of beautiful and lush plains and maybe a patch of mountain, and then  I wrote "Verdant Plain, mountain" in dream.AI and in about zero time I had this picture, which I love.  

It is good to remember that there are a jabazillion real pictures already (examples: beautiful and lush plains and maybe a patch of mountain)  that are a gazillion times better, technically.   But I'm amazed by and in love with this AI-generated one as well.     

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Friday, September 15, 2023

My Gazpacho Bar

Do you have access to joyously fresh tomatoes?  

Do you love tomato juice too?  (And can never seem to find it when you crave it?)

Gazpacho is such an intriguing word actually.  Good food that anybody can make - no cooking involved.  

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Sunday, September 03, 2023

popular like the mobile phone

Mass interest in blogging peaked in 2009, as seen if you gauge interest in searches for the word "blog" over time.   

'Salience' is not 'importance', and so for instance, there have been more searches for the word "blog" than for the word "laptop" over the last 20ish years, particularly between 2004 and 2017.  
In minor news, from the 2017-to-today section of the chart, it seems the interest in laptops increased lately.   Why would there be growing searches for "laptops" now?  Oh I see, 2020 pandemic lockdowns must have caused the great jump.  
Someone was telling me about how it's all about the mobile phone, like, nobody uses laptops.  Uh, somebody uses laptops.   ( I actually was thinking today that I want laptops ohhh.  Who else wants? ) 
Still, phones are popular!  

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Salience is not importance.  In fact, the more important things are often boring and a little ignored unfortunately -- yesteryear's news.  

I had forgotten about some of my littler short stories written out on this blog - ooopsies.- as opposed to stories composed specially for more literary-scholarly publication.  I'm not saying this short piece "Efa and Adamooh" about Adam/Eve/temptation is important + you have to watch the video about the marshmellow test (hehe and lolol), I'm just saying I saw it again today and liked it.