Sunday, September 24, 2023

September 24, 2021 2023

Verdant Plain, mountain 
 (also named Flooy Lily Wura
  created in

Background: It would take too long to explain, so like a good writer I'll just not?  Just kidding.  

I had this brand new idea to (some day, use markers/crayons or paint to try to and learn to or lead people to) create illustrations that compose and represent astrological information using this scheme - The Signs As Forces Of Nature.  I've been drawing/painting/conjuring several in my mind since yesterday.

This very special picture is my first that I can physically-pictorially post/share, and I didn't have to wait to create her because I asked a computer to do it, in a flash.  It represents a person who is Libra primarily, with abundant earth and water features as well, so I thought of beautiful and lush plains and maybe a patch of mountain, and then  I wrote "Verdant Plain, mountain" in dream.AI and in about zero time I had this picture, which I love.  

It is good to remember that there are a jabazillion real pictures already (examples: beautiful and lush plains and maybe a patch of mountain)  that are a gazillion times better, technically.   But I'm amazed by and in love with this AI-generated one as well.     

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