Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Do Believe The Hype


Watching Dreamgirls was a sumptous experience.

When I was about seven, my family got a videotape with footage of Jennifer Holliday, spotlit on a dark stage, in glittery dark clothes, microphone in hand, performing the You're Gonna Love Me solo. I could never forget that performance - the sweat, the depth, the passion.
Fast forward many years, and everybody's talking about the same song.
Thank you, Miss Jennifer Hudson, for giving a musical film performance that will be remembered for generations.


Anonymous said...

Dreamgirls; excellent movie. see Notes on a Scandal !

t said...

Thank you. I hope to see scandal.
After a months-long drought, suddenly the big screen is flooded with top-notch films.

Erik Donald France said...

Happy New Year, Tosin! Yes, a lot of great movies in the pipeline. Does Detroit get a shoutout in Dream Girls,, ir is it more mythical?

t said...

Detroit is at least implied in Dreamgirls. I can't remember if they spelled it out.
I got that it was a Motown story; e.g. they spoke of a new market for songs you want to play in your car.

t said...

"Notes on a scandal" was good, dear Anonymous.
I especially enjoyed that it's "different" - story, theme, camera-work...
Sometimes one is in the mood for different/British.