Thursday, August 18, 2005

(post-)n feminism


News from the United Kingdom
Don't get mad, get rich! "...there are now an estimated 360,000 women in Britain who are worth half a million pounds or more each...Over the past 30 years, the female employment rate has jumped from 42% to 70%, while almost a third of managers are now women [from] a mere 2%...In business you'll be successful regardless of gender if you have a good product and the right skills."
Personal assistants, hot chics, and Lolita. "They are still a rarity in the office, but, says Cath Janes, male PAs are here to stay and doing their bit to dispel the stereotypes..."
Now aint that sweet? "It is a similar story in the kitchen: cooking now takes modern mothers an average of 5.9 hours per week, compared with up to 13 hours in the 1950s. ...Men also appear to have changed over the last 50 years. More than a quarter of modern mothers said they would not be able to cope without their partner, and 76% said they felt "supported" by their other half." Even more on childcare trends here.
Finally, why he's a keeper. Warning: This last one is supposed to be funny.


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The discussion breathes on in this Guardian article.

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A career coach details how woman can earn more HERE

For instance,
-- Choose a field in technology or the hard sciences, not the arts or social sciences.

-- Get technical expertise and then sell. For example, female sales engineers (engineers who sell their company’s products) make 43 percent more than their male counterparts.

-- Within your field, discover the sub-fields that pay the most. Examples: Nurse anesthetists and traveling nurses make twice the pay of the average nurse.

-- Know about the 80 fields that pay women more even when they may work fewer hours and travel less than men in those fields: examples: speech-language therapist, financial analyst; radiation therapist; library worker; biological technician.

-- Put in the hours. People who work 44 hours per week earn more than double the income of those working 34 hours. That’s 33% more work for 100% more pay. That makes it cost-efficient to hire out cleaning, errands, etc., or for a woman to earn money while her husband or domestic partner raises the children.

-- If you want a good marriage, well-raised children, and a successful career, there's a way to have it all: Marry or live with a man who is willing to raise the children while you earn the money. Farrell believes those men are available “if they know you will respect them.” He cites national polls of people in their 20s that indicate that 70% of men would prefer to trade pay for more time with their children. He also cites many studies that find that children raised by dads in intact families do extremely well on all measured factors: social, physical, psychological, and academic.

-- If you are a woman with few skills and little education, consider joining the Air Force, Marines, or Navy. The military offers quality training, for example, in computers, administrative work, and the health sciences. Such training prepares you for jobs in civilian life. Worried about dying in Iraq? Although almost 15 percent of the U.S. military is female, in the Marines, Air Force, and Navy, 99.7 percent of those killed were men.

I would add one more tip:

-- Negotiate your salary. Among my clients, I’ve found that despite my exhortations, women are more likely to accept the first salary offer. Men are more likely to negotiate. Often, an hour of savvy negotiation can yield thousands of dollars of increased compensation.