Thursday, December 22, 2005

We Three Kings of Orient Are...


This is such a nice article.

A merry Christmas to all.


t said...

I'll put up all the new music in a few weeks. Sorry about the wait.

Anamaria said...

Wow. That was the longest comment I've ever gotten :) But thanks for it, it's so good to see other people know what I'm talking about. I totally feel you with your family and close people back home. I'm definitely scared shitless right now and I'm applying to 12 schools because of it. But I also think I might not get into any of them. And sometimes I really want to scream. Actually, I have screamed, I don't care if people hear me, they can think I dropped something on my foot or whatever :) The only thing that worries me is that you're scared even after you've gotten into grad school! And the best one too. I'm not applying to Caltech though; I think it broke me. At least as far as emotional strength goes. It's a beautiful place but I can't wait to leave... weird. I don't even dare to think about what happens after I get into some random grad school, which I'm not so sure of. But I'm sure more scary things will pop up :) Like what I want to do exactly and to get my ass moving, like you said. Even though I like my classes and my research right now, I can't get myself to work on them as much as I'd like to. I blame Caltech :)