Wednesday, April 12, 2006



They'll say that she was great
born great,
achieved greatness,
had greatness thrust upon her

And alongside that greatness she nursed
enormous doubts
that nagged at her

Until she was worn out with struggle,
when she died.

But struggle she did.


Anonymous said...

Paul Robson's old man river -- that is a touch of class!

t said...

I thought long and hard about the song for this one. I kept coming back to a song called "Natasha" by Rufus Wainwright but really wanted to find something besides Rufus' music.
I didn't find "the one" at home, so I went through my collection at the office and...found a CD of "Negro Spirituals" sung by Paul Robeson! Brought it home, excited, I'd only listened to it once or twice, played all the songs, I picked "Ol' Man River" in part because it's one of the most recognizable...

t said...

quote in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night