Saturday, January 20, 2007



My new favorite TV channel is CNBC World, carrying quality near-global financial and business programmes.


Anonymous said...

You are got to be kidding....all the propaganda
that's fit to print ? Powered by General Electric ?
Well, hey...on second thought. I love big media
too. What else is there ? Guerilla News Network ?
I don't think so. Drudge ? No way. CNBC it is then.

Anonymous said...

I saw CNBC World in Nigeria and SkyBusiness, that's why I wish my cable company, will get some international content.

t said...

What's your cable company?
Also, I haven't seen Sky since back in the day. It's British?

Anonymous said...

My favorite at the moment is Al Jazeera/English; and I think, it will be so for a long time to come.

t said...

I'm watching a special on tough economic struggles that are forcing residents of an island of Lake Victoria (East Africa) to deal in unprotected sex:
the women go fishing, they need to sell their fish for money. they fight for the fish, and may sleep with the driver, the fishermen, and the fish-seller to ensure that their wares get priority. Further, in the words of one woman, she has two businesses. At the lake, if she doesn't catch fish, she will catch a man.
Unprotected sex commands a higher rate. AIDS has claimed so many lives here.

Anyway, I like their special programmes. The interviews with unconventional business owners, the tourism and luxury goods specials, and the grainy, home-made feel of most of their content.

I liked Al-Jazeera when I had it on TV, mostly as a way to try to learn Arabic. I haven't tried the English language channel yet.

Info Tek said...

T, I'm sure you know me well enough by now to understand that I view TV as the IDIOT BOX because it has contributed to a lot of society's brainwashing in more ways than one.
Oh, I adore Al-Jazeera. I can see why "they" bombed it during the 2nd Gulf War. It's what inept CNN should've been. Oh well!

Here's what really annoys me about the Idiot Box (er TV):
It's okay to show a man/cop/woman getting his/her head blown off with an AK-47, or Jason (or Freddy Krueger) chasing after a helpless female to rip her apart from limb to limb. Yet, it's taboo to show 2 people making LOVE (okay, having sex!) as if it's something DISGUSTING. And we wonder why there's so much god damn VIOLENCE in this world. Duh!!!!
Heck, I'd rather my kids watch "tasteful" sex acts instead of them watching gruesome acts of violence like how that high profile lawyer dude in "American Psycho" carved up all those naive females that he loured to his swanky condo. Gotta love Hollywood, eh?

Me thinks the French and Hungarians are onto something in this regard. :-)