Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Release The Stars

Release The Stars, the latest music album by my beloved Rufus is available as (free) streaming audio on News courtesy of "Pop Candy" blogger Whitney Matheson.

My first pop concert ever was Rufus Wainwright, last month at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. My groupiehood while now concert-certified remains at a comfortable orange intensity, since I feel like I know him so well already. Next time I'll make more of an effort to talk to him or something.

Before l'arrival de Rufus on stage, I'd started to warm up to the opening act Teddy Thompson, who's much younger/hotter than I imagined - he's a country musician after all, and they're not supposed to be so metrosexual. He plays awesome guitar, lovely voice too, and is an old family-friend of El Rufus. His music is so modern, it barely qualifies as country.

Rufus is a totally stylish guy. He had this sash or something around his hips, stripes and colours all around, and great new cowboy boots as he sashayed on stage. He's so look-at-me. He played mostly the new stuff, backed by a very energetic percusssionist and four/five others.

Try I'm Leaving For Paris and more, while I try to find video footage of him channeling Judy Garland.

11 days later: No Judy Garland video yet, but there's this and hundreds more on youtube. Rufus make great success.


Erik Donald France said...

I admire your enthusiasm even if Rufus doesn't quite produce the same effect on moi ;)

t said...

Yeah you called my boy Yawnright the other day. You'll come around :)

Anonymous said...

Those are some expensive scarves you've got there! Did you weave gold into them? ;)

t said...

No gold. Mostly sweat, acrylic, and some poor alpaca's hair.

t said...

I just reloaded the music streaming page, and the full songs are no longer available - now it's just 30 second excerpts.
I don't know if I want to go through the rest of the day without hearing the Tiergarten song again a few times at least. Make that many many times. I'll pick up a cd asap.
To the vh1 folks: just to let you know, I hate being manipulated like that.

t said...

Good quality video from the Rufus Judy Garland concerts won't be released till September. I'll catch it if I can.

t said...

By the way, I have tickets to the September 23 Judy Garland concert. Couldn't help myself. I don't even know if I'll drive or fly to LA, or where from. I trust it'll be a yummy time, though.

t said...

It was a yummy time, and there's video on youtube e.g. this one and also see more here