Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Your assignment is to jijo Shina Peters!

That means DANCE to the music. Dance dance dance and forget your sorrows. Please clear the floor.

In grad school, I always wanted to have a dance party with all the best of Shina playing and the videos projected on the screen. The music video with the opulently-figured dancers would push us all to go for it, shake that body, shake that everything. I looked and found the video for sale, but never digital, so no Shina party. Today, with youtube, well:

THE SIDE A of ACE by Sir Shina Peters.

SIDE A continued, ends at 7:50.

SIDE B is slow at first so you can catch your breath

Bobo mi Americano...Afro Juju lo gbode

This was the official Health Plan for Lagosians. After chopping jollof rice, fried chicken, dodo, moin-moin elemimeje and salaad, followed by iyan and edikaikong and egusi and "assorted" and goat and snail and pomo and liver and isi ewu pepper soup and drinking coke, fanta, and malt (and small beer/stout/wine/palmwine/imported shak for the older ones) for weddings, naming ceremonies, people's birthdays, thanksgiving and memorials, Jesus' birthday...then you get up and dance Shina, which as you've noticed is no 3-minute dance number. Then you do a set of disco, then repeat the Shina...

My goal is to practice and get the shoulder flap dance going again. My dance skills have gone soft, y'all.

More Shina and more party gist after you've digested this.


Erik Donald France said...

All right! Happy TG, t.! From "America's most dangerous city" (ha!) Dance + Ciao!

t said...

I saw that on the news too, that D-town had earned that we didn't all know that poor people are dangerous :)
I figured you'd enjoy the dance and videos.
Hope turkey day was nice for you too. And now there's turkey weekend - yay.