Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Watching Al-Jazeera in Arabic


This guy just came on. He's Tariq Al-Nasir.
Yikes, it's hard not to write an Egyptian spelling like Tarek El-Nasir.
He's in Oman on an Al-Jazeera video-conference interview. He's wearing a beard and a black turtleneck.
I surmise that he's a terrorist, or at least someone unfriendly to the US.
Yes, I've been programmed to think sober-faced bearded men only go on TV to speak their resolve to take on the West.

It turns out he's a composer, ta'alif musiqa. Also on the screen the words musiqiya taSwiiriya - photographic music? I don't understand.

He's speaking now, he says something about Gustavo Santaolalla. Says something about the sounds of the music, says it's great music. Whatever else he's saying, it sounds so beautiful and I lost myself in the sound of it.


Erik Donald France said...

chuckles ;)

t said...

My newlywed officemate loves Mounir, Mohamed Mounir, and this song is her cellphone ringtone. It sounds so sexy.

t said...

It turns out he's Lebanese and spells his name Tareq Al Nasser. Whatever.

On the Horreya song by Mounir, Horreya = freedom. Ah, Egyptian spelling/transliteration/pronunciation. Hurriya makes more sense. It's the classical way, guys.
The song says something about "your lips" blah blah and "your eyes" blah blah. I'll try to learn the blah blah.