Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aish baladee and Nutella


It's funny how well Nutella goes with aish baladee. One is an Italian chocolate-hazelnut spread, beloved of travelling students everywhere, baladee is the barely-there-light Egyptian local bread. Yum.

It's funny how lovely dark-haired white guys look in Adire/Batik, the locally-dyed cloth famous among Yorubas.

Yes, I know this post could use some visuals :-o

...so I just added the pics and links. do i have volunteers with cuter pictures of oyinbos in Naija clothes?


Erik Donald France said...

Sounds like a good treat to me!

Sorry, though, no particular pictures to add at this juncture ;->

t said...

:) denim could do for now :)