Friday, October 29, 2010

Prosefully yours


The Nigeria art (literary, musical, ...) space is on fire with content.
Here are three novels that I think you will have so much fun reading. Fun is important, no?

Tenants of The House
An intelligent and fast-paced adventure about politricks in the national legislature.
Buy online or in a few bookstores.

I Do Not Come To You By Chance
I previously discussed it here.
It's on amazon, goodreads, in stores, etc.

Under The Brown Rusted Roofs
Oh-so-funny Yoruba-Literature-In-English, a love song to Ibadan, full of wit and wisdom.
It's probably not online yet, but I get it at the University of Lagos bookshop.

My book is not online yet (so sorry) but I hear it's in a bookstore on Lagos Island, with more coverage to come. Thanks to all those who've showed lovve for Comrade in various ways.

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