Monday, April 16, 2012

I am very happy about this

The famous Bibliotheca/library in Alexandria Egypt noticed my poem! 
From their Painting With Words poetry contest blog, see الرسم بالكلمات: Winners' Names:
  1. First Prize: Alexander Spathis for his poem "Your Fugitive Hair"
  2. Second Prize: Tosin Otitoju for her poem "Alexandria"
  3. Third Prize: Yasser Kashef for his poem "Living Memories I Relish"
  4. Fourth Prize: Rania Yehia El-Badry for her poem "A Glimpse of Heaven"
  5. Fifth Prize: Sarah Abdelhakim Amer Elsayed for her poem "Loneliness"
Wish I could have been there to read it.
Alexandria is a lovely city by the way.  You have to see it for yourself.

Thanks to:
The publishers of for announcing this contest.  Your blog is of enormous benefit to me (and many writers.)
My dear Adam, aka hezni, on whose story the poem Alexandria is based.  I'll try and call him (out of the blue after 4 years.)  Maybe nothing will happen.