Friday, December 27, 2013

Girl Power!

Let's check out some music videos to end the year.
This first one will make you dance.  I love it.  It's called Somori.  By Omawunmi.  She's dynamite!
What in the world does Somori mean anyway?

I just found this jazzy tune and artsy video by a Malian (Malinese?) singer named Inna Modja.  She's such a hottie.  It's called French Cancan or Monsieur Sainte Nitouche.

Then there's a new artiste in Nigeria named Seyi Shay.  I love her dancing in this video for Irawo (Yoruba: star).  She has some other excellent music and drama-filled videos too.  

This is only the beginning: I want to put up my best five (music videos) of 2013 in a couple of days.  Hint: none of these three makes the list.  What are your top five?
Happy holidays.

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