Monday, January 13, 2014

Crazy girl

Was at Unilag earlier and bought myself this novel for 500 bucks.
Mema, by Gabonese writer Daniel Mengara
Back at home, gave this look ooh yeah, look at my present from me to me.  Then I airkissed it.   
That's love.  The book had better be good.


t said...

500 Naira ~ 3 dollars

Unknown said...

if Tosin is reading it, then it must be worth something like it.

uhm.... can. borrow your copy till I can buy mine, darling dear. if for nothing, that cover art is rivetting. I tell you a truth.

t said...

It was a nice read. Strange but nice. Ha @ darling dear CO :)

t said...

By the way, the "cover illustration" credit goes to Chief Jimoh Buraimoh.