Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On twitter, a moment of symmetry

I'm finally learning how to use the thing :)


t said...

I've more than doubled the number of tweets since then. 4366 tweets now, just five and a half months later.
So more tweets in the last 5 1/2 months than in the preceding 5 1/2 YEARS (I joined twitter in Nov 2008)

What's more, two-thirds of the tweets of the last half-year have been done in just the last two months.

Basically, 1/3 of all my tweeting was done in the last two months, average 150-180 tweets per week.
I don't think of that as a good thing, even if they're mostly retweets, autotweets (blog updates), and strings of retweets (this word-association thing I 'invented' for fun on twitter).
I'll slow it down. In fact, 15 -20 tweets per week is not a bad speed. Let's keep it old-school. Aww, yes, I forgot, I added a facebook echo feature. That is responsible for many of the tweets, I'm sure. OK so maybe not 15-20 weekly. Maybe like 20 - 30 weekly.

t said...

No, I did not manage to slow down. Five months later (incidentally today is the 24th of March), I have an aggregate of 7,586 tweets

and 3,906 favourites.
and 96/388 following/followers.

And I have this nagging desire today to throw them ALL away, and have a clean fresh feed again. I also tbh might like a new username. Back when I chose tosinbird it was on a whim, there was a bird where a picture should be and tweet tweet, and it was supposed to be an insignificant account...

Oh well, one thing at a time.

t said...

That day (10.5days ago) I did a sweep using tweetdelete.net and also cleaned up my favourites using unfavinator. For a minute, I had fewer than 10 impressions altogether on twitter. It felt...nice. Clean.

So I'm doing it again. Cleaning my twitter account down to zero. Bye-bye to permatweets. Hello play-with tweets.