Tuesday, April 05, 2016

My Nigerian Brewery

All sorts brewing in my freezer at the moment:

I drank a boozy mango-ginger drink last night - it was ordinary spiced puréed mango when I bought it.
Then I tried my usual watermelon-pineapple drink today and of course that was mildly fermented too, pineapple takes very little time to start - acid, something like that.  You can explain it to me.  Sugar, little things (bacteria?) feed on it and release alcohol/ethanol?  Yeast for bread? 
I still have some delicious zobo in there and maybe one more bottle of pineapple-watermelon.
Zobo is bright red, so when I open it, have to be careful not to spray the whole room.  I once sprayed my backpack and furniture with kunu. Sprayed a man on the bus with zobo :( just a little bit. 

To the best of my knowledge, I had power at some point yesterday, maybe 24 hours ago, so it appears the freezer has thawed out fast.  It's also interesting that it builds up water and ice nowadays...I looked online for that problem but didn't understand the explanation...some sort of blockage in some little pipe and that stops the built-in defrost mechanism, sounds easy enough.

I learned the other day that my fabulous plumber is a wack electrician.  Yeah he can change a lightbulb, but once I had him change a light-switch (months ago when he was doing this and that about the house) and he did it upside down.
So now for two of my switches 'on' is 'off'.
He is a terrific plumber though.  (Experienced.  Excellent, logical, etc.  Very orderly mind.  Good process.  You know how much I love a beautiful mind and hate how girls/women often neglect logic. )  I've heard two people who use plumbers a lot and on large projects say similarly good things about him.  
But he's taught me an important lesson about specialization, else I would have someday asked him to check out the wet fridge.  Leaving it that way for now just means I have to empty the defrost tray once or twice a week before it starts leaking water into the fridge and onto the carpet - that happens a lot, and it's not a huge problem, bigger things in life...

For now there's no electricity so no worries about frost.
All I have to do is keep eating so I can empty the place out.

It's only been about one day without, so of course it could be that there's no problem.  I mean, power could return before I hit the full stop at the end of this sentence.
Or not.
The great development is that for once we have some sort of warning: Power supply in more danger as Ikeja Electric exits talks with Labour, in yesterday's news via NewsBuka.  No seriously, this is a move in the right direction, warn us of impending woes.  I've always felt like news organizations should tell us exactly these things.  Are we gonna have power?  When?  Publish a schedule. 

For those who are now frightened and will like to run generators to disturb the nights and share their pain, here's a warning for you too: FG lied, fuel scarcity to end in May  also via my NewsBuka, subscribe.

So at least you can plan: 
Buy a pack of candles.  Book a month in a hotel.  Oh wait: 'Hotels' sometimes literally 'home away from home' hehe.  Make friends with $erious people, or just jet out to, I don't know, Cotonou, Lomé, Accra?  I recommend taking up new hobbies, like farming in your backyard.  You don't have a backyard?

Good luck, everyone.  It's never as bad as it seems.  Back to re-watching my Legal/Political Philosophy videos
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Nate Mamman said...

I'm reporting you to NAFDAC for processing/fermenting food products without a license.

Erik Donald France said...

Power outages, ugh. This happens in these parts of Texas fairly regularly, usually with the stated reason of weather issues, even high wind. No one knows why, really.

When I was in graduate school in Philadelphia, I had an old fridge that created crazy amounts of ice frosting. Eventually, I chipped it out with a screw driver. This worked fine until the time I punctured the liner and all the freon escaped in a wild wooshing rush. Wicked! Luckily, the landlord replaced it as it was quite decrepit, though it took a while . . .

t said...

eewww, I'm scared of freon. i just remember from school that it's a chlorofluorocarbon bad for ze o-zone :) it's a small fridge thingie, we're not at freezer levels yet, and will never get there especially when electricity never stays on long enough :D

ehn, report. :D