Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The morning after the US elections, I say we quit trying to analyse the senseless and take Trump down now

"It is disastrous that a racist with fascist tendencies has come so close to taking over power in this country, a man who appeals to hate, greed and the basest of instincts, an agitator who plays people off against each other, who abhors losers and who adheres to the credo: might makes right. An authoritarian, narcissistic, manic, manipulative and dangerous liar who is capable of anything."
 Source: DerSpiegel 

This is what we're really dealing with. 
Not a right-wing Republican.  Not an anti-free-trade businessman.  Not a populist maverick.  Not an archaic Buhari or a dumb-and-dumber George Bush.  Not a rude-mouth or a brash hustler.  But an inscrutable piece of shit. 

Keep this guy away from the office of the President of the United States or be prepared for the jaw-dropping consequences. 

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Erik Donald France said...

Stand and deliver, indeed. Here we go . . .

t said...

Google says stand and deliver is
- a movie that I'll totally have to find and watch
- a demand for money by robbers

I'm guessing it's also a trump quote