Thursday, August 03, 2017

I've been ill

It's been coming for a couple of weeks now, just this feeling of - imbalance all over.  Tired, wanting to oversleep but not actually succeeding, etc.
Then it hit at its new favourite spot - my tummy.  It's been poop poop poop the last 24 hours, like every hour or two drop a li'l something for the poop gods.  O Lawd.  I considered getting a nappy.

Much better now - I look forward to taking care of myself (ALWAYS FUN!  There'll be rice, fish, hopefully I can get interested enough to eat bread, and by next week maybe amala and all that yippee!)
And of course I look forward to recording what happened.
Actually maybe I can do that right now.

Old stuff about my tum HERE.

The latest below:

The immediate trigger was a lot a lot of groundnuts 1 1/2 days ago.  I sometimes buy boiled groundnuts, and for a few years now I don't eat them unless I re-boil them first...basically I used to get pimples/infections from g/nuts and found the re-heating treatment helped.  God knows where those groundnut shells have been and what germs they've picked up.
I sometimes buy the boiled groundnuts, foolishly keep them lying around, then do the re-cook and eat the next day or so, which is what I did this time, I think.  Anyway, massive bloating ensued, rotten gassiness, I managed to sleep, but started the poopfest really early the next morning.

Many hours before that, I had put a lot of good food on top of the other, basically eaten a lot very fast, then ate what should have been the next day's lunch very fast on top of that.  I felt something was wrong - why couldn't I stop myself?

In the days before that, for like two days, a lot of food.  Normally I'm an eighty-percent eater like the Japanese, but here I was overstuffing myself.  Example: had some FANTASTIC suya with my friend on Friday evening, then went right back to my parents' and ate some rice (the amount I would usually eat without the suya) and then ate some more rice (so all that meat then twice a normal little meal) and presumably went to sleep right after.  In normal life, I don't even eat after sundown, but all of this food was after sundown.

On that day, my dad mentioned that I'd lost a lot of weight, and I said maybe it was exercise.  Because yeah, once a year or so I actually exercise lol.  Now I have really lost a lot of weight :) I mean since yesterday. 

You know what happened the day before Friday?  Air-conditioning.  Note to self: in future I will just refuse, refuse to pretend I'm ok when locked in an air-conditioned car for so long.  Part of why I thought I was ok was probably I was 'a little separated from my body' already.  But I knew I was unhappy.  I knew I wanted the air outside.  I kept quiet.  What's remarkable here is that normally this incident would have led to a cold, but now it seems to have led to a stomach incident. 

And the day before that an all-day meeting, though I felt completely fine that day as I recall.  Some other guy was farting.  God sees you :-/ I just hope people didn't think it was me :-/ 

Back to the tummy.
The ijebu garri that I love so much is too harsh nowadays.  Too...acid or something.  It has to go.  It's fine when cooked as eba but it feels too dangerous as garri.  I get no joy from non-Ijebu garri.  Maybe I'll check for the market varieties.  Maybe it's these new packaged brands that are making it wrong.

I can't believe there's supposedly cyanide in garri.  Wharh?   

I can't have too much pepper.  Talking to you, this ofada woman - why must you put so much raw pepper in the ofada stew?  And why must I eat it in such a rush, even when it hurts and my throat is saying please stop?  (A bout of excess food on Sunday, included over-spicy rice.)

In the past, it's been straight food poisoning symptoms - empty the gut in one shock of a rejection, you can almost hear my body saying fuck you and no you get the fuck out of here to the food.  This time it was a slower 'process-and-express' thing with the poop (I kept gently adding food and water up top lol).
 I feel we're making progress.
We = me and my digestive tract?  
I was reading again about indigestion and remembered how bad it could be and really, this time it was not so bad.  I felt a little nausea this morning but failed to throw up (yippee!), I did not have heartburn symptoms.  I did have a low-level fever and sweats and I've had a headache for a while (the disembodiment thing I said before...normally I don't have headaches, period...but I've had at various times in the past two weeks both the headache above the eyes and headache behind the eyes.)  
Kept thinking how glad I was that I didn't have to go anywhere.
It's raining.  
My neighbour's kid hates her cold and painful morning bath and the assault on the mouth that accompanies it.  I completely understand.  There ought to be a law...

There will be a final solution to the indigestion matter for me.  There's a tooth that needs to go, the seventh on the top right side to match the missing seventh on the top left (from almost two years now, how time flies).  The dentists disagree, the x-rays say there's no problem, but I know what I know.
Still on the health solution: I need a desk and better posture habits with the computer.  I need a little exercise.  It helps when I don't become excessively upset (but that's life, it has to happen on occasion), because that was the root of the root of the overwork and the overthink and the overeat and the overcold.  When I sort out the tooth I wonder where the disease center in my body will wander to?  Vapourized?  Or will we always have periodic ill health with us?

Oh God, I didn't tell you about the mouthgasms I induced?  About two weeks ago.  The shi* too funny.  Then I did it again the following day, this time it was extended and really funny.  I thought medical people might be interested to know.  Or Oprah.  Start another trillion-dollar industry.  Distract the masses.  Sell more toothbrushes.  LOL. 

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t said...

Food today: bread (not a lot) with fried eggs (kind of a lot) - put sardine in the eggs, mixed spices, and an excess of salt. that was for the first meal of the day probably after noon.
ate the exact same thing hours later.
had a dot of milk and water too.

altogether, the food seems to be just sitting there, not giving me a lot in the way of nutrients/absorption. i'm just trying to get well, and part of that is to get some digestion happening and get some strength back in these weary bones and brain.

just an hour ago i went out and bought oranges and apples (ugh, apples cost too much), yogurt (Hollandia plain lightly sweetened drinking yogurt, 1 liter, was what I found first), and fish for tomorrow (this market titus pre-cooked fish is my discovery of the year 2017 and lol probably your discovery of since the last century but excuse my ignorance). Ate one apple and drank half the yogurt now and did like two minutes of 'exercise'. Hope I sleep early. Hope things get better, and definitely not worse.

t said...

Burping a bit now - I'm soooo happy.

t said...

Just had a little more yogurt and ate another apple and wow, I almost burped out my left eye.
ah sweet relief.

I was just starting to think how I would eat only salads and green vegetables for the rest of my life but now I'm beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There will be food again.

t said...

Thought a couple of hours ago about how the single thing I most need now is sleep. The one thing the world needs the most from me is sleep. If I had sleep medicine I might have just done that, to escape. I tried to sleep. But how can I sleep when all I feel is pepper/fire throughout me belly? I'd done a bit of a massage which had sort of helped. A bit of stretching too. No fresh poops though I kept going to the toilet lest I poop myself lying in bed or whatever, thinking it's just a fart. Then I got a drive/ an idea: salt water. Comparing the mucus lining of the gut to the linings of the nose helped me decide that yeah, salt was probably the thing to calm the inflammation. Further, it'd help with the electrolytes / ions or whatever, neutralize the excess acidity fast without me having to wait weeks for things to be rebalanced. On the other hand, you think salt bad, salt raise blood pressure, but considering that I probably lost all this normal blood pressure (salt, fluids, body mass) that's probably not a change my body would mind. Fortunately I have salt at home. Went 10, 15, maybe more years without any salt in my own home but got back in I think when I started cooking more and especially when I had to buy it for a salt gargle like two years ago, you know how dentists give you that assignment after a tooth extraction to rinse or something like all day for weeks.
Okay, less analysis more salt drinking and yippee it helped. I stopped before I felt I should stop because I didn't want to get in trouble again. I tried to sleep. First I was still unhappy. I thought seriously about life and how unnecessary it is to live and how dying might be a relief. I think that's just neurotransmitters can't get the salts and stuff that they need to get me happy and that takes a lot of days to fix. Then I suddenly exploded laughing because I thought of something very funny TO ME. I won't write it here in full because it combines well, a dick joke ? with racism with a foolish Nigerian (for example Falz the Bahd Guy) saying "Will You Charraap!" So here I was laughing. Not bad.
The salt helped, I went to the loo, only farted. Tried to sleep etc. Did a little more salt water - just a tiny pinch this time and not even a quarter-cup of water. Drank half of that. Day dawning. I decided to check what other people have to say about salt calming your stomach. Absolutely it does, according to google. It was absolutely the right thing to do. And for the whole tummy issue I asked google if antibiotics can cause it and yes yes. I have a theory. I know why my tummy's been emm losing its shi*? It happens after I go home to parents'. Sometimes ...

t said...

while I'm there (like that time my sister made kebabs, yum, but omg lost everything in my tum and basically had food poisoning symptoms after, but not anyone else), a couple of times just after I leave ( one really dramatic episode where I had a nice rice and chicken late lunch just after leaving parents' and I was puzzled at how that fast food brand could have given me food poisoning, and at that time I thought about antibiotics actually, thought they might have put some in the chicken , because that seemed more likely than it being bacteria or whatever.) I go home to parents' every 2 1/2 weeks or so. This last incident so I didn't violently expel the food. But I got gassy and then still ended up with tummy issues. It's not food poisoning from bad or infected stuff, it's antibiotics I think. Bet you if I sat my dad down and did a profile he'll say he went through all this maybe four, five, six months ago all at once and got resistance which I'm now getting slowly. The other members of my family eh maybe but actually my body only works like my dad's the others are from another planet so who knows. Actually this is a good excuse to ask family members about poop behaviour, health profiles etc. My mum you don't need to ask - she shares with her family (like I share with the world). Therefore you don't need to ask sister number three who shares nothing at all but is biologically as identical to my mum as ever possible. I'll ask sister number two who is twins with sister number three. There's also sister number one who lives far away and whose tummy probably doesn't have a problem with antibiotics because Western life is about that innit? I should ask and not assume.
I did improvise a nappy ( appropriate underwear with a baby wipe in it ) so I could relax and write this epistle. I have farted or something at least once in the past hour.

Now the neighbours are up and it's a big war to get this child to love her cold shower. A lot of cruelty involved if you ask me. Reason number 8978 why I shouldn't have kids. I would not have the heart to do this. It's killing me. Just leave the girl alone. If she doesn't want a sponge assault it may be because she doesn't need it. I would also be unwilling to make my child go to school if they hated it. I loved school. I hated morning baths. Mum said I really liked water when I was like 1 year old or younger. But by primary school age (at which time I was in the third grade or so) I remember it being a bit horrific. Fuck bathing before school and everything related to it. The kid here really shouted for like ten seconds (psychology, I'm thinking it might have been to get my attention, because I intervened yesterday, for the first time ever) but now it's all completely quiet. So maybe she got what she wants, I don't know, a tender bath or none at all. She's very clever. I haven't heard the other kids in weeks - maybe they're away?

t said...

You will LOVE this : the question, then dencha's reply
click here

So now I know the cause , I can either limit my exposure to this stuff, or work on the I'll adapt hypothesis, ...

You can also see how this fits with not catching colds, you are less likely to get cattarh if you're getting monthly shots of antibiotics, no? Which, PLEASE, I do not recommend. I understand Nigerians chugg antibiotics on whatever excuse, I swear, I've spoken to someone who uses it as a prophylactic against STDs yes an educated person said this, and people who take it with iffy food, just in case the food might give them an upset stomach. Sad.

As always, once I understand the situation, I feel it to be solved. I should be a mathematician when I grow up...a true engineer might say the problem, being analyzed and understood, was half-solved. I say 80 percent. I'm not really either.

t said...

I suddenly feel that I may be able to get up and live etc. Figuring things out is the best. I love both the process and the solution/end.

The kid just skipped past to go to school. So the other kids must be around.

t said...

Talked to sister number two who had also been the one who made the kebabs, and who's the only one of my immediate family that lives with my parents in the same house (or even in the same country). Well, the kebabs had been from a different meat source, so that complicates things a bit.
She also mentioned that I "eat everything" which of course I said was beside the point. It is a blessing to be able to eat street food etc without coming down with something. I don't know why...oh well.
She's the nice one so I think it's enough family research for now 😄 I also got overexcited, clearly don't have as much strength physically as my positive feeling is pushing me to claim. Back to bed. I do feel zero stomach upset at this moment. Just a backlog of work and I can tell the person I'm working with next is the eager, open, positive type and doesn't want to play by ear or be disappointed. Means I need to get well and deliver. Or decide to deliver. Yikes it is very short notice... We haven't even agreed on stuff yet.

t said...

My phone screen just failed. The lower 70% of it has this purple light and lines and is shading everything beneath it. From 100% perfect to this. I switched off and back on but the issue remains. I haven't tried a so-called hard reset yet - batteries out etc. Maybe this will help to make me even less of a phone person. That would be interesting. What's also interesting - money, and how little of it I've spent or saved or interacted directly with these past how many years. Sometimes I feel used to it. Sometimes I can't see why it's ok.
The screen works ok, it just, like I said, has a clear part and a hazy, mystical part. I can get used to it if I have to.

t said...

Sorted out the info about the neighbours' kids. The one I alluded to earler seems to be in a summer session at school, basically fancy-dress and play. The others (her cousins) seem to be away, probably to visit their mother's home for part of the holidays.
Tummy flares up then I have to sip a drop of water. I'm working half-and-half today but I should slow it down really.

t said...

Will you keep CHUT! Loool.

PS the center of the purple haze has faded but the 70% lower screen shield around it remains. Call it microprocessor art. I can't believe how popular mobile phones (and the powerful computer-equivalent versions called smartphones) became and how fast. I Apparently people love computing. I guess. The purple's really fading. It's a thin faint oval ring now, the entire interior of the ring was filled in with purple mere hours ago.

t said...

I get the days mixed up but
I've been enjoying food - fish, rice (w/tomato and spices), boiled eggs mashed with margarine on bread, a bit of yogurt, a few carrots, a large green pepper, ...
Been weak and in rest and relax mode,
and needing to massage a lot (feet, stretching, everything) to encourage the tum but I'm proud of the progress we've made.
Cleaned the place and everything so I mean it looks like I'm well. I'm just really hopeful that this doesn't happen again anytime soon. I hope it's healing and strength ahead, I guess.

t said...

A hypothesis is, by definition, just made up and possibly incorrect. I just wanted to stress that. I don't know why my gut has been relatively sensitive these days, but I'm certain that this too shall pass.
I'm going to try asking for help beyond the internet. Should be fun.

t said...

drinking these hella bitter infusions, fussing over the health. It's alllll fun.

t said...

Game plan:
take my medicine - been doing that on-and-off
drink lots of water - forgot to do that

I've been reading about people with similar symptoms and feel lucky and motivated to get better, yup.

t said...

Forgot to add that I failed to get the tooth extracted. Two weeks ago went to the dentist with this single goal. She was fantastic and said no but asked me to come back in for a second opinion (actually all the other dentists they had). I tried to insist but I was doubtful a bit - what if I was just feeling drastic? And there were x-rays not saying lift out the tooth and there was this fantastic guy that treated my tooth and mouth - cleaning and so on - that didn't find a cavity or anything warranting extraction and there was the fact that the problem tooth seemed in better health (gum health) than last year. So I went with their advice.
I was given instructions to rinse - salt gargles, antiseptic mouthwash gargles - but I probably did three faithful days then turned my attention back to the drinks for my tummy and only about half the recommended tooth care. The site was rather heavy-feeling just now, filthy-feeling, let me see, this is 10 days after a curettage (sort of like an advanced cleaning) and altogether I just feel a link between the tooth and the tummy, like they throb and ache together. Maybe I should go back.
Neighbour's kid really suffering. It's very cold and she's getting this godforsaken morning bath outdoors. I mean, I have no desire to bathe right now and I'm sure her mum gets that. Why? Why must she bathe every morning? Tradition.

t said...

That said, yes impacted tooth. Yes dentist not 100% sure right decision but I see impeccable process and just adore her.
The kid is quiet and the pain, em, forgotten. Abroad people just have hot water so they can set their bath as they like. Here it's still faucet and bucket. Lol.

t said...

Got the molar extraction finally. Long story, asked for one again Saturday but they advised against it, suggesting I lose the last molar instead, for various reasons. Ok, yes they're right but my gut says not that one. Then a different place across town, then I needed to return the next day to same company new location, then they were closed, then the next day, and THEIR opinion was similar to previous, but I really felt differently so they did it. Tooth was completely clean, but the extraction according to them took forrevah, maybe twice as long as they're used to, or longer, and tooth emerged with one of its 'legs' - a branch of its root - broken. Taking medicine for that, and extra pain-sleep medicine so I just got more than six hours of good sleep. Will try for more.
Didn't manage to see a doctor about tummy so now will have to wait - good chance the antibiotics from the dentist will resolve the tummy too. I think. Happy.

t said...

To be honest, not sure what impacted means.
Anyhow, two days after extraction, the usual pain and care.

t said...

Headline : I got my tummy back!

I actually just ate pineapple. I had the guts (pun? lol) to eat pineapple. First time in many months I'm sure. Didn't try to eat the whole thing, I have more sense than that now, didn't even cut up to half or even a quarter of the pineapple. Still... WOW.
Pineapples nowadays. Not what they used to be, you know? Still worth eating, but they taste precisely like pineapple diluted with water and spiked with sugar. I don't know what to say.

Another (re-)discovery - when you need fat, meat, fatty meat, fish oils, turkey skin, ... got a near-cold (near-flu?) for the past couple of days - because I need to sleep more but like internetting better? did a salt gargle like yesterday too, the saline in the nose thing, it's magic too, plus slept a bit so I knew I would fight off the cold. But been also groggy and tired, a bit of a headache from everything hmmm, so what does that mean? Time to pay attention and fix things. Started with a gooood salad. Oooh yeah, that was what I needed, but still working, still overpushing the body, then I thought yeah, the brain needs fat. So got out the jollof rice and turkey I'd actually bought 1 1/2 days ago when I first determined that the brain needed fat, only I didn't eat it then because I also bought amala and decided THAT was what I was going to attack first lol. Damn, that was the life - sitting on the floor eating my amala with gbegiri and ewedu. And yesterday (Sunday) I had so much nice food from the vendors after-church (including this morning's salad; same vendor had smoothies, giving me actual LIFE, then from others I bought kunu, shawarma, both obliterated by now lol, and this ginger pineapple blend - mostly ginger - which is half gone) that I didn't touch the rice and turkey. Not turkey slices , the whole arm of turkey with all its skin on, chewy and greasy. Yup. Heated that up just now in the same pot with the jollof rice with beef. Popped the two pieces of beef - the fat felt goood, then ate the chicken. It worked like medicine. I feel so much more alive. Then I got inspired to eat a little pineapple. My tummy is working like a little soldier. I'm so happppy.

PS I asked my dad a few weeks ago and yeah, he'd had similar symptoms and stomach troubles serious enough for him to actually take something (like an antacid indigestion milk thingie) but that wasn't good enough for me because I had major inflammation going on it seemed. My dad is hardcore, doesn't do medicine lol. A couple of weeks later, when I was fine, I asked how he was doing and he said oooh, he had a shot of alcohol or something and that fixed everything finally. LOL.


t said...


Brief history of the stomach from end of August till today:
What fixed my tummy was the antibiotics. Tooth extraction, they gave me two kinds of antibiotics. Voila. I stopped after four days for one, and five days for the other because I felt so chock-full of antibiotics I thought it was enough. The doctor/dentist had prescribed 5 and 7 respectively.

The extraction was epic so the healing was slower than the previous one. I don't mean soft-tissue, I mean I felt my skull, jaw, ... shifting, twisting, in the days after. Oh menn. Now we're gooood.

About a week ago I did something really bad. I served myself some food-poisoning. I mean, if you wanted to create food-poisoning you would eat exactly what I did. My tummy got f-d up. I was out and very uncomfy; I was out using the internet because no electricity and no electricity was one of the reasons for me consuming large amounts of rotting food lol. Why do I do these things? So hours later, by evening, it started to shall we say 'resolve itself' and I thought nah, I've tested the tummy enough, time to nuke it with antibiotics to make sure it doesn't get more complicated and inflame everything. So I took one of one type of antibiotics (one flagyl) and I think the next day took one flagyl and went out and had the best time. Other than tiredness, everything was fine.

Again, headline: my tummy is back! I can eat whatever the fuck I want. I mean, within reason.

There is another blog post that needs to happen about the 'herbal medicine' actual street herbal crap that I got and took for weeks before the extraction because my tummy was ruining my life. They sold me like 100x the amount I would ever use and I have comments about that. I mean, it worked, sort of, but I would never have got out of the hole without blasting with antibiotics.
I think now from what I've read online that the night one (a black tea from a lot of bark - multiple kinds - and other witchy items thrown in) is essentially digestive enzymes? You drink it hot. Maybe other things. Helpful when you don't have your own, really really helpful, regulates blah blah, and likely side-effect that you get lazy and don't make your own. But not a big deal because over time, your tea gets more and more dilute so it actually weans you off itself by design. Intelligent ;) Folk medicine.
The morning one is the (I think) famous agbo. It gets fermented, it tastes really really evil, and I don't know what it is, I think it's the one for 'everything' from malaria to diarrhoea. Hated that joint. I think its operation is a bit like the aloe vera puree that people drink. It's like a hyper cleanse, but it's not what I need. After the first couple of days, just the fumes when I open the bottle (you drink it cold) would scare me and I'd either not drink any or sip just a bottle cap full. It can make you dizzy, lightheaded. Whatever it's for it's not for me.
I'm never going to use these medicines again and yet I can't bring myself to throw them away. I wish I would swing by one day and talk to the woman about my experiments. Granted, she inherited the art from her mother and so on, but who knows, maybe she won't mind thinking / modifying? Lemme tell you how much people would stick to a recipe - she cuts up the tree parts in a batch of size A. She would not think to do a batch of half the size, or 1/10th the size. She would follow the instructions she inherited to the letter.

Aight. Tummy's good. Tummy's perfect. Life is beautiful.

t said...

correction: ate the turkey, turkey not chicken. didn't even touch the rice.

so yay for going naturopathic and all, but nah the sensitvie tummy is not leaky-gut syndrome it's probably a buggy bug and if it gets too bossy you may have to throw an antibiotics^2 bomb.

t said...

Repurposing the medicine.

The bark one
- I mixed some in the bottle of dishwashing liquid and indeed this seems to have made a better dishwashing formula.
- Some in a cute little labelled bottle in the fridge, just in case I ever need some.
- some to slather-over/wipe-down larger metal surfaces - a door, the window netting.

The other one
- Mixed some in my (olive oil) shampoo.
- Used most of it to clean my wall, especially the semi-mouldy section of wall. Freshness.
- Some in a cute little plastic bottle, labelled, in the fridge. Just in case.
- The left over, with some left over bark infusion, saved in a bottle in bathroom, probably to clean something.
- The bottle filled with herbal twigs (after emptying out all the liquid) left opened in a corner, maybe works as a space purifier/freshener.

That's all.

t said...

it feels nice to feel so nice.

ok i ate a whole pineapple yesterday. Again!
it was a small one, alright, like, I don't know how to describe the size, ... and it wasn't a particularly sharp / acid-tasting one either, and I didn't eat the whole thing at once. Cut the base, like 40% and ate that, maybe early afternoon. A couple of hours later, cut a big slice (the middle, maybe 20%) and then did other stuff online and later ate the top part (less ripe than the base, but still mild-ish tasting). Pretty sure I felt after the middle section that I'd had excess; I was a bit farty but hey, I wanted the pineapple I guess, and I didn't expect things to be bad.
More farty after the third section, not that I felt bloated or uncomfy, just, you know, the hourly fart like woah guess we're cleaning today! Then evening came, then night came, then after midnight sleeptime, and I noticed my gut (upper chest down to at least my stomach) was burning and although i was not supremely uncomfortable I feared it might become a big problem later. Hmmm, also felt a little dehydrated. I get the picture now - it's some sort of mucus lining that gets broken down and the repair of it costs water and nutrients (ions? including ones that my head needs, especially brain part over the eyes). So I drank a big cup of salt water. Maybe a teaspoon of salt in it, i don't know it was dark. Determined to sleep well and i'd heard a mosquito and didn't want to deal with that nonsense so i put on the fan and covered myself all up and went to sleep.

Had a dream that was pretty exciting/excited - these kids next door came in (through the window - the dream made the window lower and fixed a big hatch they could come through) to play with me, pester me. I got them to leave, they went down the New-York style metal stairway and (who?) stuck his head/self out to say something about a play space downstairs (in real life i live on ground level but ok) like i think a dance studio so the kids didn't need me anymore and they went off to play in there. And then Vladmir Putin is downstairs, by this time my window is yet another floor higher, and he wants to come up but i say he can't and try to act like i don't know who he is or what he wants and try to speak loud enough for (who?) to hear and defuse the security situation. but vlad in that cool superspy manner reaches into his breast area cool as cucumber like maybe he's going to show me identification or a passport or something, except of course it's a little black gun. so i duck into the apartment blah blah don't remember the rest.

t said...

I just remember reflecting that the kids really didn't need my hospitality or generosity and regretting that i had not been more generous with my space when i had the chance. Oh yeah i remember, i grabbed a backpack and i forget what else, it had clothes but didn't have my passport) and fled the building. (John Le Carre- novel lol) I think I know who (who?) was actually.

These days I stay in bed after i wake, sleep in, been doing that more-or-less successfully for a couple of months now, whereas for many years, i've sprung up immediately i wake, and immediately into action whether the time is 1am, 4am, 5, 2:30, whenever. But I've been determined to chill. Chilling is good for you if all you've been doing has been not chilling.

Big breakfast planned which i went straight into because it might help heal my tummy. It was mostly leftovers from yesterday's first meal, lunch, which had been moderately big (or at least big on sausage), and indeed it was because i'd got too much sausage (just 1 1/2 nothing crazy but i usually don't get that much fat in my diet) that i'd felt the desire to cut through the fat with pineapple (but had gone a little overboard with that). Anyhow, at lunch the first meal yesterday I'd eaten all sorts because it'd been preceded by all internet no food and then a trip to the street to buy food. Roasted plantain (ate half of two) , bread, the large three half-sausages , some expensive cookies, then the pineapple ... so today i just had to reheat some roast plantain, a half-sausage, then fry an egg and warm some bread, all in one pan. Lots of food (not for normal people but for me lol) and as i polished off the sausage, and moments later (one minute, two?) i felt not just the soothing effect on my tummy, but the transport of this effect to my brain, like it happens that fast. Biology is sexy. And everybody should have food.

t said...

Tummy's quite upset and I feel I have no choice now but to pop a Flagyl - hope I still have them.
History-wise, stomach (high, high above the intestines) was very cramped this morning. Last thing I did last night was eat 'asun' - stewed goat meat and drink about a half liter of yogurt. I did not feel the food would work out well at the time, so maybe there were already problems before then. O well. Today I ate a lot of pawpaw to try to heal it, but still feel it's not enough and I'll get sicker without medicine. Should be perfect tmrw. Laterz.

t said...

I've been awake about 5hrs now and it seems my ( is currently quite settled. It wasn't so perfect when I first woke up. It's partly in my head, but also some (biome?) sensitivity and also this recent tendency for gut to be the site of disease even when the loads are from other stress, pollutants, or germs that have nothing to do with gut.
Meanwhile the pawpaw from yesterday - oh my God amazing. I still have a lot more for later - bought two giant sexy pawpaws - but now I need food food, because Flagyl makes you distractedly hungry, and then quick shower and off to church.

t said...

With one or two exceptions, my tummy has been perfect these past months.

You may want to read this news piece, in which a baby had similar diarrheal attacks and sensitivity that lasted for long after.

But I am very healthy now.