Thursday, August 08, 2019

It was always dance

Year One, one of these dancers was me.  Guess which one? 
Ballet - Swan Lake

Year Two, I was a girl again.
Music - "Los Toreadors"
Dance - Not a paso doble.

 ~  *  ~  
It is always metaphor with me these days, isn't it?
One of the things I'm suggesting to myself these days is to try concreteness in life as an antidote to excessive abstraction and even mysticism.
Concrete things like, I don't know, speaking directly with people, working directly with people, fighting directly with people lol, and so on.

If I really mean to practise concreteness, one supporting practice could be to write in this blog daily for a while, recording actual things that I did, saw, bought, and so on.  A first-order, direct experience journal.  (There are no actual things or so it would seem.  Hmmm, maybe there are some. )

But that's not often what I do here:  I write (1-3 times a month usually, and have done so for so many years) and the writing is often about ideas, art, thoughts, impressions - a higher-order recording of events in my life (and liberty and happiness.)

Metaphor is great and all, but sometimes the mind wants to rest and the body wants a workout.  It would be nice to actually dance, you know?  Then the body gets what it wants.  Instead of talking about how it was always dance and diving into metaphor, again.

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