Thursday, February 25, 2021

Living it up!

Haha, if you know anything about me, you know I've not been quite living it up.  Now, who was it that said ( a Naija man-in-the-street interviewed on TV): you can not be working like an elephant and eating like, like, a tambolo.  

So...yeah.  Maybe I will try to get hip, get large and complex and ... modern.  For example, banish old clothes, find shiny ones.  I think that's what people do?  Banish old, get change-crazy.  Banish slow, get frenzied.  Cocaine and caffeine and rage and money, money, money.  

Or yawn. 
Or go halfway - get exercise, up the energy, pretend a little more excitement!  At life!  Live it up!  Now!  While you have, I don't know, health, breath, joints?  
Now, the pandemic - did you notice that although the USA, the UK, and many other countries suffered a lot from the virus (and since we get their news, we get their 'feelings' too), many countries did not suffer very much as they took adequate public health measures to reject the epidemic; they did lock-downs that worked.  The USA, the UK, did more, in the manner that a dancer or an acrobat does more maybe?  I mean, more things happened - including more deaths - when compared to the China, New Zealand axis of covid-freedom.  

If I had more energy, I would write more about this (such as how: what makes the bias between the doing of more and the doing of less to accomplish the same result is how much ENERGY there is in the system, sometimes youthfulness, simple exuberance, lack of knowledge, or lack of experience, but usually just the energy, the excess of it, and that extra must go somewhere...)  
If the US had "less energy" one possibility would have been to shut down the pandemic early, by judging it unaffordable.  Instead, it did all the madness of expressing every view and trying every style, especially ignoring its expertise, and all that chaos has now contributed to vaccine science and all that health and science stuff, which you can say is positive?   I mean, a lot of diseases are going to be impacted, to be honest.  Potentially.  Potentially.  

Writing this is making me see that  I do have more energy, because I feel that understanding the word 'potentially' could be a fun pursuit, and I feel like discovering what is known - and what is becoming known - that relates to energy, and I feel like testing the truth of the things I have written in these paragraphs, and I feel how I would find joy in the language and the journeys that have revealed these interrelationships between concepts.  In essence, I feel again that there might be more maths and physics in my future.  And literature, and library time (reading time, internet time.)   

This does not paint a picture of "living it up" because that usually alludes to gregarious interpersonal exploits, and also consumption - maybe careless, conspicuous, fashion-forward.  Spending and socializing?  But "living it up" as a reader doesn't quite have the same flash to it.  Living it up as an unknown person.  Living it up with no money.  Living it up while being boring. 

You probably have more energy too.  In what areas?  Maybe it's physical, but maybe it's not, and you feel "called", "restless" in a different dimension - emotional, mental, social, other?  

Do you remember this saying (actually from a Bible verse): an idle mind is the devil's workshop?  
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t said...

1. Or maybe those countries that had more successful lockdowns were in the season while the Europe-US zone was in the best season for transmission? As there is a seasonal aspect to coronavirus (covid-19), like for cold/flu things?
2. Is it true then, that an idle mind is...workshop? :-) "Idle hands" it says in The Holy Bible.

Proverbs 16:27-29 Living Bible
27 Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; idle lips are his mouthpiece.
28 An evil man sows strife; gossip separates the best of friends.
29 Wickedness loves company—and leads others into sin.

mlg said...

Loving this, sis. Yes I need your analytical prowess re: pandemic; I know you're way more informed than I am and you're like a human data-analytics machine.

I'll send you pics of what I've been making; making is where my energy is... match my energy!

t said...

Living it up :-)

Anonymous said...

Living it up? Show more skin ��