Saturday, September 25, 2021


I don't mean to use such a big word - forgive me.  

I have a story about one time I just stopped and sat still and thought ... now I'm thinking it was nonsense that I thought, but it is a thing that has made me live like a mad person for many of the maybe eighteen years since.  The general idea was - no, I'm embarrassed to say it now, even if I was right and my madness has not been in vain.  

Here is another thought.  Black people have done well to go deep into all kinds of people's ways.  Why not go deeper?  Why not find ourself / ourselves?  Who are we, who were our parents' parents and where were we ten thousand years ago?  Are such things important?  

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Rex said...

Now I HAVE to know what the thought is. Will you tell me in a private email? Please please please? Ese gan. Well I don't think you're a mad person. And your questions are very important. Wish they were more fleshed out and had more context then we could have a real idea party. But I'm listening. Tell me more.

t said...

You don't HAVE TO KNOW, but thank you for commenting, and ... it was one day I noticed that rich homes with poor neighbours were just kidding themselves. There were walls but, with enough poor people, walls would never work.
I was 20ish, in Nigeria, having an overthinking moment brought on by visa-travel strife, a stupid and senseless thing in life, and my revenge was to pick on a different matter I suppose? POVERTY. Poverty had to die. Well, ok, it was the same matter because the mad behaviour had to come from mad needs, right? Real and deep needs. Kill their poverty, tend to their needs, and my own situation would be better, things would be good.

I know now that other people come to other conclusions and that to them I am an idiot. Lol. Also that nothing happened that day to give me a belief or a mission that I did not already have since forever.

Anyway, you didn't leave real identifying information.