Thursday, October 21, 2021

haha, sexy

This man - Abdularazak Gurnah - wins a Nobel Prize for Literature, and I really wish to someday read and enjoy his work, he seems to be "into" poetic prose. 

And these days I think of another Nobel Laureate, our very own WS, and a good word for his output is exuberance.  As in, those exuberant plays and his exuberant days.  You should find some of the most famous Wole Soyinka's plays and watch/perform/read them.  Well, try all of them.  His autobiographical works would wow you also.   
Aside, I have been watching some of the many plays attributed to William Shakespeare - what a bequest and how well-tended and reproduced and enjoyed!   Talk about influencers, these are influencers!    

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