Wednesday, November 16, 2022

data collection initiatives

I googled 

I'm learning that people would go through great trouble (and miles of lies) to try to acquire little tiny bits of information like your signature.  

Sign it
what is the big deal, 
just sign it
it can't go without your signature
etc etc.  

I need some help here; them scam tales be outta control.  

Apparently, it is international even; you can read about awọn cyberwarfare geng, if this flavour of scary stuff interests you.  Do "they" call you too?  

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t said...

“Spear phishing” is a type of phishing campaign that targets a specific person or group and often will include information known to be of interest to the target, such as current events or financial documents.
More: "Today, phishing scams are more sophisticated—identities are masked, messages are tailored, and email content appears legitimate. Signs of
a phishing scam may include generic greetings, urgent action requests you did not initiate, requests for personal information, and even baseless threats."

What can a scammer do with my signature? Fraudsters are most likely to use forged signatures to commit financial crimes. They might access your bank accounts, take out a credit card in your name, or even attempt to change your will.
What Can Someone Do With Your Signature? [Forgery Basics]

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t said...

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