Saturday, May 08, 2010


We Are Africans is a fly and catchy musical video. #1

Then they made a remix. #2

And another remix. #3

Which is your favourite? For me, it's not #2. Maybe the original 1. I like the local remix too #3. It's a worthy remix for sure.

My life is filled with music right now. Hahaha, because I'm supposed to be an engineer. Also been writing poetry so I'm happy. Also been driving up and down - I bleeping hate that. Which is why I bought so much music to keep from being pissed on the commute. A lot of DaGrin (hehehe) in my life. DaGrin media have been rushed to market, like his pre-CEO music, an album of his collaborations, and a collection of videos he featured in. I bet the tributes (like this one by M.I.) will get their own album too pretty soon.

What else have I been thinking about? That Rihanna Rude Boy video is so cheeky lol. And there is real talent on the Jesse Jagz album. The JJ album, it's called Jag of All Tradez, has some stealable lines: I love "M.I. is the lightning, I am the thunder, and Ice Prince is the rain." Very sweet and experimental work. I was also thinking Folasona (my smart ethnomusicologist friend that I keep trying to set up with my little sister) should get in the country and help make sense of all this music.


Gidan Nodza said...

On JJC: So far I have just seen Video 3 (which I love) will see the first 2 as soon as I get home...seeing as you like'em that much (I'm in the office and the audio on my system has been disabled)
On Dagrin: There is an album of his collaborations? yaaaaaayyy!!!! I AM DEFINITELY GETTING THAT.
On Jesse Jagz: Hmmm All I can say is that he is not MI, I couldnt wait to get his (Jesse jags) album and when I did and had a listen I was like... not bad buuuuut he is not MI, MI's album is 9/10, but Jags is 6/10...just my 2 kobos

Don Thieme said...


t said...

Music IS fun!
Saw a guy in traffic that looked just like DaGrin. sigh.

t said...

I think the #2 Africa Unite remix is here. It's nice..

Here are three more remixes, oh my God

and one I'm about to watch in a minute.

Five years on, still in love.