Sunday, November 25, 2018

Freshly Vibely

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I'm a definite homebuddy all day, and week, and season long
but I go out for my SDC - Show Dem Camp and supergood live music. 

It's soooo good for the heart. 
I end up falling in love with, like, everybody, or at least with how beautiful everybody is, so happy and so kind.  For example, this spectacular lady that wrote a review.  This handsome knight I met at the food place nearby.  The superfans that hugged - all the hugs. 

The clips above are from Friday night, there's another mini-show tonight and a big show planned for 29th December - all 'Palm-Wine Music' theme and so supercool. 

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t said...

that said, I'm staying home tonight. Been 'tired' for hours, so I'm just staying in.

mlg said...

When I'm in Lagos, please take me to SDC :) Enjoyed the review you linked to.


t said...

oh wow, sure. :)