Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The sun shines in my room

Look what I did with wax crayons on a newly re-plastered (long story, water-damage) wall.
I'd been itching to paint surfaces larger than my A4 sketch paper.
Then came the rough wall-finish in my room and the need to disguise it.
So I grabbed my long-idle pack of kiddie crayons and started to scribble
First some purple, then some blue, and - why not? - some sun rays.
Detail: sun
Hey, why not paint all over the apartment?
I can frame the mirror on the wall in yellow and brown; finally it can stop being a boring rectangle.
I can even create more crayon frames just to "paint" scenes inside.
Never be bored again :)      
A sunny 'bonjour' to me
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Erik Donald France said...

Never be bored again, indeed. I love it! And for some reason, visual art has been sucking me in also lately, along with music and all that other good jazz in free and full form. Colors. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Lovely texture, and the colours complement your bed.

t said...

@Erik Yeahhhhh. Summer fun. Jazz in Nigeria nowadays means juju / black-magic. Have you read Wizard of the Crow?

@Anon :) It's so easy!

And I just remembered that my designer sister made lipstick paintings back in the day.

Erik Donald France said...

hey, t. -- kewl. I'll check out 'Wizard of the Crow' ~>

NoLimit said...

Okay real talk?... it is beautiful and creative! iLikey!

Folarin said...

Hahaha....lovely work of art with mere kiddie crayon! I'm loving pastel art more these days though

t said...


t said...

Did this one at the end of August. It was, is, EXTREME FUN.

The next one, I'm thinking, will be a psalm, or excerpt, in a little section of wall...
"The Lord is My Shepherd..."
OR Psalm One (but that's too long): "Blessed is the Man who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly..." and isn't that the same thing Khalil Gibran was doing with his Good-and-Evil poem?